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2017 FE 501 recommended JD settings..

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Hey guys! Recently picked up a 2017 FE 501 and had some good knowledge as to what I wanted to address right away. (Thanks to YOU all) 🙂

AIS disabled 

ktmandhusky end cap

Removed reed cage 

JD 6x fuel injector piggyback

softer seat 

billet skidplate

anyways im at sea level and do a lot of wide open throttle riding. wondering what would be some recommended settings? I plan on putting a sniffer in the exhaust after I think I have it dialed. Thanks in advance! 

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I'm at sea level along the US gulf coast.  TPS at stock, full desmog and exhaust screen and reeds removed, I'm running a Vortex and I simply run the 5,5,5 that it came with and was recommended.  No more decel pop or flameouts, and runs like a scalded dog. What does JD suggest?  I'd simply start there - both are easy to adjust.

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They send it out pretty much ready to rock for a uncorked bike from they told me via email. Im planning on getting on the dyno soon with the sniffer to see where she’s at, is there a dyno thread anywhere? Maybe graphs and mods posted on these 500/501’s? 

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