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Do you know what you are capeable of?

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Hey guys! My name is Aaron Glean-Sealey
I am going to talk about the Physical aspect of dirt bike riding and why it’s necessary that we test our selves OFF the bike. If we want to excel in racing we should be constantly looking to find gaps and holes in our fitness that may be affecting us on the bike.

Just think about your race day ... you TEST yourself against other racers and measure your performance. You ask yourself:
How were my starts?
How was my corner speed?
How did I feel on the bike?

Then you pin point what you need to work on for the next race…This is nothing new, but riders are failing horribly at this on the fitness side because they don’t know how to assess themselves physically.
The common approach is going to the gym, or hopping on the bicycle, maybe doing a group fitness class etc. This is called exercise -- doing physical activity for the effect it produces in that instance. This is NOT “training” for your sport. This is NOT “Race Prep” …

Yes, this can Improve your fitness.
For sure it’s better than nothing.
Yes, I want all riders to be healthy individuals...But!

If your focus is improving your performance on the bike, then you cannot be spinning your wheels with random workouts. When I train riders, we start by doing a full assessment to identify their physical strengths and weaknesses and what their current fitness capacity is in relation to where it needs to be to excel in their races.

If you have any questions Post in the comments or Pm me

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28 minutes ago, CaveMike said:

CaveMike hope you become capable of spelling capable right. 

Thanks, cave Mike.

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Yeah I know what I’m capable of, not much.

although I know just enough to seem promising, but then next thing you know *insert deflating fart noise*  , there’s nothing.

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