Fords 4.6l triton

Being in the market for a 4x4 the most common trucks I have seen is the 97-2003 f150. Usually between 150-180k mileage.


It is my understanding that during those years ford had two plants producing 4.6l engines; Romeo and Windsor. W for Romeo or 6 for Windsor as found on the VIN. I’ve become more aware of the differences of these two engines as I’ve researched them, but really, is one more reliable than the other? Anyone have experience with either?

Biggest issue is the spark plugs spitting out of the heads...there is a helicoil kit to fix this. 

I've got no experience with the 4.6, but I've driven several 5.4's and they are really down on power compared to the other pickups. The fuel mileage isn't anything to right home about either, can't imagine the 4.6 really being any better.

From what I remember the problem with spitting plugs was limited to the 5.4 from one of those plants and the V10.  The 4.6 is good to go and a pretty reliable engine.  Its not even down on power that much from the 5.4, as Ford made some piggish engines for that generation truck.

If you can swing a 2004 or newer I'd look at the Titan.  The 5.6 engine is pretty solid and will have way more power.  MPG will probably be about the same as the Ford.

 It sure of the years but cam phasers are a huge problem as well on the triton engines. 

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