post pictures of things you made for your bike

You should consider sell them.

You'd think frostbites header wouldn't ever warm up in his weather... :) You sure you're not just a safety freak now? :D

LOL! :D Busted! That's me, Walter safety. :)

Frostbite & anyone interested;

Got the quote on cutting the heat shields. He wants $25. That includes materials & postage. Sounded a little high to me at first, but then I'm not the one who spent $140,000 for the machine.

I didn't ask him, but he takes credit cards & sure he will for this too. You can look at his web site at

If you want one send me (PM) the specs on what you want, I'll draw it & email you a pic for approval.

Hey Groundhog, I am a CAD engineer. Can I just email an AutoCAD file of what I want? I am interested in a custom heat shield. I could just make it, but the machines are tied up for awhile.

Just what I need Groundhog. I'm always burning holes through my gear huddling up to the engine to defrost. Now when it burns through, my name will be on my coat, just like my underwear. :awww: It'll save me sewing on patches.


Now if only I could figure out how to get my rear tire to spell something useful instead of the usual chicken scratch. :thumbsup:



Just send the cadd file (dfx or dwf) to Pat directly at He will translate them to the Omax language his waterjet uses. I usually just email my cadd files from here even though it is only about a few miles away. I'll take care if it from there.

Send me locations of some good trails up there. Might need to take a weekend & come ride the Sandpoint area!

I work at Pebble Creek Ski Area near Pocatello - we have some good riding out our back door if you are ever in the neighborhood.

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