my stock handlebars are bent and im going to get a new set. My problem is what to buy and how much to spend? Ive looked at the Renthal offroad bars 7/8 for $90.00 the cr high bend. They look nice but i dont know if i need them. There are some FLY racing bars at the same place for $30.00 and they are the cr hi bend as well. Should i just put the cheaper bars on and ride. I don't plan on falling but is it really worth the extra $60.00 for the Renthals when i could buy two more sets of these Fly Bars? Ive also looked at the T.A.G T2 bars and liked them but with the adapters for my WR400 they are $140. I have a hard time spending a $100 for handlebars. What do you guys think. Or what bars do most of you run. I dont favor any brand just looking for some good quality handle bars.

Pro-Tapers. Just do it, you won't ever look back. Tusk makes adapters for $30.


You can get some Pro Tapers for under $100. Probably in the range of 80-90. And you may have to spend just a little on the adapter since they are fat bars. But trust me you will be glad you went ahead and spent the money in the long run. I don't know anyone who has bent the pro tapers. I am sure it can be done, but it will take a really hard hit. I have gone through my stock and a set of Renthals before the Pro Tapers. I am happy with them. I just wish I had done it from the beginning.

Pro Tapers have never let me down. Wacked some major trees and still only bent the bark buster in. :)

I've got pro taper Pastrama FS Bend in 1 1/8". Had adapters but found the bars werent far enough forward for my height, so just ordered a ProTaper copy adjustable top tripple clamp. I run the cheaper 7/8" alloy bars on my YZ250 which my GF rides... she likes to crash every time we go out :)



Don't let them kid you. Go buy yourself a set of Tusk T-7's for $21. Do you really need the name and fancy colors? :) You can go through 3-5 pair of these for every one of the "fancy" ones. And honestly I don't think the others are any tougher. I ride the Tusk's and have had no more problems than I did when I was a sucker for the glitz. :D And I can crash as hard as anyone out there, guaranteed. Just my 2-cents, but do as you wish.


Another vote for Pro Tapers. :)

I use to replace 2-3 sets of bars, Renthals, a year until I went with Protapers. I actually have 909s on my WR, they are made by Protaper for FMF. Have not replaced a bent bar in years. You may be able to buy cheaper and replace more often but when your on a 3 day ride in the middle of no where with bent bars it doesn't matter if you can buy 10 sets. Go with the Protaper!!!

If you decide to go oversize.

Renthal Fatbars...

they are covered by the same patents as the Pro Tapers. Retail is only $69.95 on the Renthal Fatbars. :)

Okay ProTapers for me too.

What bend for the WR450 with the fatbar adapters though???

BTW, I'm tall and I don't mind wide bars.(I've never cut my bars) I was thinking CR Highbend?????

Anyone else???? What bend?

I have the CRhi with adapters. Feels pretty good, but I am kinda tall too, and would like to be further forward. Also, when we get into the tightest singletrack (trees) I wouldn't mind narrower. If I had to buy a new pair, I would get narrower, less sweep, and maybe higher.

I am happy with my current setup, and wouldn't spend the money just to change. But, like I said, if I broke these, I think I could find a bend just a little better. Does that make sense?

have a look at this adjustable top tripple clamp .I have a cheaper copy of this product. Just installed them yesterday. Yet to ride with them yet, but they let you move the bars forwards plenty. With Fat Pastrana bend gives nice high horns for a 6'3" rider. You do need to make some new brackets to mount blinkers, brake hose guide and Odo if you have one.


I want to switch over to Pro Tapers, but I resist because of the Scotts damper mounting system. To switch over, I not only gotta get the bars, but I also gotta get a new triple clamp, and bar clamp.


Any way around this?

I got a machinist buddy who could maybe carve into my stock triple clamp and the Scotts bar clamp, so that Pro Tapers could fit. Anybody already tried this?


When it comes to handlebars, I have a saying, "Buy Cheap. Get Cheap." Get some Pro-Taper and never buy again. I like the CR-Mids. :)

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