YZ 400

I am thinking about buying a 1999 YZ 400, I would like any input on what anyone thought about this particular model? Downsides and Upsides? Bike is in excellent shape and well maintained, can buy for $2,400. Is this a good deal?

I've got a '98, took me a while to shake out the problems resulting from a neglectful owner, but for the past two years it's been maint free, reliable as dirt, 2 kick starts, and way faster than I'll ever need. For a well maintained good looking version I'd say $2400 is not a bad deal but it doesn't sound like a steal, but you rarely get more than you pay for, so my vote would be go for it.

PS - I'm an over 40 certified PPR (Prof Practice Rider) ride only MX tracks, so I'm not loooking for that last hundredth of a second or that last 1/4 HP. Suits my needs just fine.

i have a 98' also and the only problem im having with mine is a little bog right off idle when you crack her wide open. but other than that i can smoke almost anything out there with this bike, it keeps right up with the newer hondas and other bikes. i love mine and would never give it up. it is also kinda heavy, but a very good bike. i think you should buy it and prepare to be satisfied. :)

I have a 99 YZ400F and I love it. Other than the following I love everything else about it.

They're impossible to bump start.

If you bog it down too low (beyond it's useful power range)it's prone to stalling... this is more of a newbie problem I believe though.

They're heavier than their 2-stroke brothers.

I've got a '99. I think it's great. It's got way more power than I'll ever need, except for maybe climbing hills.

Mine used to stall when lugging sometimes too. After installing the 450 cam (easy mod and worth every penny) the stalling went away and it now bump starts no problemo. Also, kicking it over is now way easy. After rejetting and installing a 10oz weight and the cam, my 400 is now a one kick bike. An easy one kick at that.

Try to save enough money to do the 450 cam mod. These things can be a real pain to start if not jetted correctly. Even when jetted correctly, this is the best mod I've done.

See if you can talk him down a bit. I paid asking price for mine, and soon found many others that looked a lot cleaner for a lot ($1000) less. Live and learn. I've put a lot of $$ into mine to get it right. Am I happy? Heck yeah, but I could have done better with a little patience. While my bike was real clean and well taken care of, there were small details that ended up costing me in the long run. The important stuff, engine, brakes, suspension etc had all received lot's of propper maintenance so I've got a good bike. I did have to find some special fasteners, install new bars, some plastic etc.

That said, I've seen some real nice clean ones selling for around $1800.

It's a great bike. Do some searching on the net and you will find some good info on them.


I have a 99 400 and really like it now that I hae taken the time to get all the little problems lined out. From what I have learned off of this web page is watch for cracked frames they crack up by the steering stem. My 99 has a cracked fram right below the oil filler neck I am in the middle of changing the frame now. One great thing about these bike is there are alot of aftermarket parts, parts on ebay from people parting out bikes to make quads out of them. (that is how I got my replacement frame for $100) With all the mods on this site you can fix any of the normal little problems you are having. Good luck


Thanks for the input, I probably will get this bike even though it isnt a steal. I know the history of the bike and know it was taken care of. I am beginning to get leary of places like ebay where you buy something sight unseen. I just got burned on a motorhome, looked good in pictures but wasnt as nice in person.

LukeJt nailed it. If you buy the bike do the cam mod...you will love it then.

For my birthday in June I think a cam mod is in order!

i have a 99 too and love it. the only problem i have is the bog like everyone else, but other then that it works like a charm. ive heard alot about the frames cracking to but it hasnt happened to me yet. knock on wood. also, as soon as i get the money im gettin the cam and a Z-start.

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