looking for opinion on 12 year olds middle finger fracture.

just looking for any opinion.  she is a cheerleader that wants to compete in 25 days :)  basically just was told at er its fractured, buddy taped and will need to heal for 4-6 weeks, no surgery?



I typically buddy tape and don’t worry much about it. You should listen to your doctor.

Just had a very similar break but on 2 metatarsals in my left foot, reasoning behind no cast was its a non displaced fracture and being the middle bones it shouldnt have any problems healing given you take it easy. Im walking after a week on crutches and another limping around like a sad sob.. my plan is to get it re scanned at 4 weeks and see how its healing and what the doc recommends.

thanks so much.  she just got new xrays.  is there anything alarming going on considering its been 2 weeks?  rt2cfQT.jpg?1suy37ke.jpg?1crZhvTc.jpg?1

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Im no doctor and have no idea how long it takes before it starts to noticeably heal on an xray, im 3 weeks in and it still hurts to walk. Id go to your local fracture clinic and speak to a specialist to see if they think its healing ok or not. Thats my plan anyway lol, best of luck.

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