2007 Raptor 700 no power (electric)

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Hey guys. Had some weird things going on lately and wanted to see if anyone has experienced something similar.


I have an all stock raptor 700 that I installed a lexx slip on exhaust and recently added the Lexx fuel controller.


Everything was fine for the first several rides but then I fouled a plug which didn’t seem like a big deal. I replaced it and everything was fine for the remainder of the ride.


The next ride my engine light started flickering and the bike shut off. No power to the headlights or indicators on the dash. I tried to pull start it and it ran rough for a little little while but then shut off.


Checked all the connections to the battery and tested the battery which had good amps. I connected a battery charger to the battery and soon as it touched the terminal all the lights came on on the bike.


Bike ran fine I let it sit for 10-15 minutes turned it on again it’s like nothing was ever wrong.


Battery is less than six months old.


Pic is of me getting towed out of the woods and then teased by friends.


Thanks all help is appreciated.



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Any ideas? Quad is still running fine but I don’t want to wait until I’m in the middle of the woods to find out there is still a problem.


How can I pull the error codes from the computer on the bike maybe that will help.

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