YZ250F good or junk ?

I hear a lot of people say very good things and very bad things about the 250F in general not just the YZ. I’m thinking about making the transition to 4stroke and found a good deal on a 08 YZ 250F. Owner says Rebuild has 20 hours on it. How often do these engines need rebuilt because I know it’s not cheap to do so and I live on a tight budget. Do you like your 250F ? Let me know your opinions and experiences thanks.

How often an engine needs a refurb greatly depends on it's usage (MX, off-road, trail), how it's ridden and how it was maintained.

What exactly was done 20 hours ago and, how qualified was the person who did it also adds to the variables.


Apart from the engine, any 10+ year old MX bike will require some investment (chassis, suspension etc.),

in the end it's often cheaper in the long run to buy an initially more expensive but 5 years newer bike.



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I dont think tight budget and 250f go together. If your just going to be riding trail, get something else

Well, YZ250f is a good bike and its performance depends on how you maintain its engine oil and all other maintenance.

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