Looking for a change.

Looking at new WR-450. I am currently riding a XR650R. Just want some feed back on the bike (good or bad) before making my decision. I may wait for the CRF450X so no partisan answers.



I have no facts to back this, but the last time I heard from the rumor mill the CRF450X might not ever exist and if it does plan on at least a year or two before you see them.

But all rumors aside I do have some facts on the WR450. I give it big thumbs up! Great power (with some free mods it really helps out more) and smooth delivery. It has huge torque which you will probably be used to coming off a 650. I have 500 miles or so on my 04 and it has been a champ as far as having no problems (knock on wood). The supension is YZ inspired and the weight is pretty low for sharing so many YZ parts. The WR (e-start and all) is ~250 pounds dry, I think the specs are 242 dry.

Some bad things.... there are none.... well, just kidding. It destroyed the Dunlop that came factory on it. I have heard that not too many tires last long on it where I live (Nevada Desert riding). If you live in CA then it is a red sticker bike. The seat is pretty high so if you are on the shorter side it might bother you. The other thing I wish it had was more oil capacity and maybe an oil cooler. But other than that, no problems.

Basically a great bike. It constantly puts a smile on my face and is a blast.

You may be waiting for a couple of years. WR450F or KTM450EXC are the 2 best big bore off road packages going. :)

All right now, one of you guys near Riverside, CA needs to hook a brotha up! Go take a ride with Mike here, and swap bikes for a bit. He'll see the light.... :)

It's not good or bad... It's GREAT :D I got to try a brand new KTM450 and I have to say that I was realy disapointed about power, I'm not realy good at pulling wheelies but I can easily pull a wheelie on my WR in third gear but I was having problem doing that on the ktm because of the power, my dad tried it to and the first thing after he asked me after I tried it was "Did you try to wheelie in third???" Though he had a KTM450 before his WR, and he liked the KTM until he tried the WR :D

Plus you won't get better suspension stock then on the WR if you set the springs right.

Go for the WR, you will not regret it. :)

Cheers... :D


The WR450 weighs a lot more than 242 lbs. It's closer to 265 lbs. wet without fuel. Yamaha's specs are made up by some guy that's taken a few too many hits to the melon. My WR426 is listed at 246 dry and wet without fuel on my scale, it's 267 lbs.

I think you'll like the WR450 a lot but for my next bike, I'm going back to a 2-stroke like a KTM 300 EXC. 40 lbs. lighter with about the same hp.

Compared to the BRP, you will notice a weight difference on the WR. My 426 does not have nearly the torque that a XR650R has but it will run just as hard. It does have a powerband unlike the BRP.

Gordinggull, I've ridden an 04 KTM450 EXC and my buddies hauls a$$. Maybe something was wrong with the bike you rode? 3rd gear wheelies are no problem on the one I rode.

Thanks for the info so far. I was curious on what needs to be done to the bike (suspension, exhaust, etc.) I am 6'3" at 215, I know the XR650 needed some serious suspension work. I am sure the suspension will have to be worked on, so you southern Calif. riders, let me know who you would recommend do the work. I am starting to lean alittle bit.

Thanks again,


Gordinggull, I've ridden an 04 KTM450 EXC and my buddies hauls a$$. Maybe something was wrong with the bike you rode? 3rd gear wheelies are no problem on the one I rode.

Yeh, It must have been something wrong with it because it felt realy powerless compered to my WR. :)

I looked long and hard at the 450EXC but ended up with the WR450. I was able to finally ride an 04 450EXC and it was a nice bike, no doubt. I don't think it was quite there with the WR, though, in the power department. I was glad to get back on my WR. :)

I am actually trying to decide between the WR450 and the XR650 new right now. If you don't mind me asking, what dont you like about the 650 other than suspension and what does BRP stand for? I have going back and forth as to which bike I want. Right now in Coorado I'm at 6600 ft elevation and want all the power I can get as my DR350 is a slug up here.


BRP stands for Big Red Pig :). As the name suggests, they are heavy and can be a bear to start when dumped and hot. I like my buddies a lot but it's just way too much bike for everything but the wide open.

The WR's have much better suspension and definetely feel lighter.

Its like trying to decide between Anglie Jolie and Rosie O'Donnell.

If you buy the XR and then ride a WR you may become suicidal.

It is a pig, no doubt. It is made for wide open type of riding (fire road type of riding). I swear I was faster on my XR400R :). For hill climbing, it's a great bike and for 80+ mph. I was always able to run with all the other mfg's on my XR400 until we hit sand washes and then they were gone. That's why I went to the 650, which pulls from all the 450's. But in tight technical type of riding, I would go with a 450. Also, they are "very" hard to start after dumping or stalling on a hill.

I really love the WR except for the weight, I race desert and the top two OA last weekend were XR 650's. I will be changing to either a YZ 250 or a KTM 525. I will keep my WR for a Dual Sport bike.

I just had my suspension done on my 01WR426. I race So. Cal D-37 desert. Out there the top choices for suspension are, not necessarly in this order. ESP, ACME, ESR, and maybe Precision. You don't see many Race Tech, or Enzo set ups in the dez.

I went with ESP and I really love the results. But I am sure they will all do you right. Call them all and see what they would do for you then decide.

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