Yz250f Fun Factor 110%

Man oh man the 250f is a blast to ride. I can not imagine what that lil thumpy can do with a 310 kit.

My son and I went out to the hills Saturday, the lil thumpy was in a world all its own, so easy to ride, so predictable.

Ony bad part was My Son, I took him down the wrong trail, It (The Trail) bothered me. Well I thought It should get better :)

It Did not. I was in lead, heading up int what I thought would be a gradual climb into a slow sweeper. Weellllll It turned out to be a slow sweeper in to a 70% gut wrenching fruti of the loom filling rutted down hill to a left sweeper.

I made it no problems except the stains in my shorts. So I waited up and around the bend, waiting ,,, Waiting :D Waiting.

Pretty soon me son walks around the corner and gesturs to me to come back. I thought Ok he got stuck on the down hill and wanted dear o dad to get him down..

Nahhhh That was nt it. Me Son :D Did his first Nak Nak over the edge of the Cliff :D:D

Ya the Bike was at least 40 -50 ft down, And he had one heck a strawberry on his left arm.

I wanted to cry the bike was so pretty just minutes ago, but then My attention was on my son..

Anyway he is OK the Bike has been christined and we had a blast al day. Even helped three lil guys get out of a bad thing and followed back to camp. I just could not pass that lil xr50 that kid was fast :D

Originally posted by EgoAhole:

I can not imagine what that lil thumpy can do with a 310 kit.

I'm pretty sure it snaps cranks


how olds your son?

22 his first bike

oh, my lil brother (14) is gonna go from an 85 to a 250f next year, i bet ill be riding it more though

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