a question for z-start clutch owners

i put in my new z-start clutch last weekend. we rode about thirty five miles. i spent alot of time trying to get it set up right. it was easy to get used to and i had a blast. as the ride went on it seemed to slip alot. when i got back i found a lot of mud had gotten on top of the tranny and had kept the actuating arm from moving like it should. i cleaned it up but it still seems to slip more than it should (or did). i know my answer is to tear it down and check everything but i was wondering if other owners have had similar problems.

I dont have one but I have heard of adjusting the set up spring tension for the clutch point for your riding style and needs. I am sure that you will need to adjust the engagement pressure point. I would call Z-start and get instructions if no one else can help you. I think David Dialogue has one of these auto clutches. :)

If the Z-start wasn't fully engaging due to mud blocking the actuating arm, it could be that it caused excess wear on the clutch plates (due to the constant slipping.) At the very least, pull the side cover and check the clearances between the pressure plate and the outermost disc. Let us know what you find. :)

You're too fast, Indy. :D I need to go to bed. :)

Most everyone I talked to on zstart I found this to be true.

Initial break in is a must, the clutch will settle in after the install and will need readjustment. I rode mine about 35 40 minutes and it started to slip as well. But I simply shut down brought it home and checked the installed tolerances. I found them way off from when I first set it up. I was told to check them anyway as I said from rekluse.

Install ride for 30 or so min Bike is at Operating temp

Bring home check installed tolerances.

Did that and the bike is flawless now...

Be sure to use Two sets of Gages

thanks john, i was a bit worried. i pulled it apart tonight. the clearance was out of tolerance. i swaped one of the oem plates for one of the kit plates. some of the steel plates are discolored from the heat but the fiber plates still measure well within tolerance. it doesn't smell burnt so i'll ride it in the morning to see how she does.

:) Cool

Let us know would like to hear your ride report :D

Rekluse has a heavier ball bearings you can install in place of what they ship with that will lower the stall rpm and keep from using up all your adjustment before your clutch starts to wears. Worked great on my brothers wr-250. Were going to install one on the wr-450 next week.

Call them and they will send them right out.


I didn't want to start a new thread so I thought someone could answer my question in this one. How is the engine braking while descending a hill with the z-start? I like my 4-stroke mainly for that reason. I don’t want to start freewheeling down a steep hill.

Engine braking is totally adjustable. It's tied in with the adjustable engagement speed [or stall speed as rekluse calls it]. You can easily set the point at which the clutch engages and disengages [ an external adjustment, you don't have to open up the clutch to do so]. I have mine set so that the clutch starts to engage right above idle. Which means that I have engine braking all the way down to idle. I have yet to free-wheel down any hill.

i never followed up on my last post. i haven't had the chance to do any real miles since getting my clearence back in spec but it seems to be ok. i'll be out this weekend and give it hell then.

now to the freewheel question. that was on my mind when i first rode the bike. i was ready to blip the throttle on anything that looked like a downhill. it wasn't a problem at all. if you lock up the rear wheel it will disegage and you'll have give it some gas to reengage but it's no big deal.

now for a little trick part i found. for those of us with 450's, the hot start lever is on the clutch perch. when you take off the clutch lever it looks bad. i found that the small back half of a ttr125 cluth perch will fit. you'll need a couple screws and nuts because there are no threads in either part. i comes out pretty sano and looks like a mount just for the hot start lever.

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