New bike time

Okay guys I've put a post on here before about which bike I should get (RM 250 or YZ 450F). Even after all the advice I got I still can't make up my mine so here is my new question, which bike will I be more competitive on, the 04 RM 250 or 04 YZ 450f in the C and maybe this year the B class? I'm a big guy at 5'11" and 240lbs but am pretty aggressive and very athletic (believe it or not). Thanks guys! :)

have you ridden both? i think you'll find your answer if you do. i would go with the 450 no question- 6'4" 235lbs.

For someone your size - 450 no question! I have an awsome 03 for sale if your interested.

What’s your track and places you ride like? If they include sand, high speed and big hills might wana go with the 450. If there hard pack and tight the 250 might be a good choice. I rode a Rmz 250 last weekend and I was impressed buy the power and how nice and plush it was. Later in the day me on a CRF 450 and the guy on the Rmz 250 raced up a blue ski hill run they had used for hill cross on sleds the week before and we were head to head the whole way up, there was still snow on the run as well I'm heavier but still pretty impressive bike that Rmz 250

I'm not riding on tracks with huge hills or sand and no super fast straight aways or anything. Also the majority of tracks I ride are hardpack/intermediate and just a few have a couple of sandy corners and a couple places add a little sawdust.

I'd hang out at the tracks your ride and ask some one if you can take a boot on there bike and see what you think, if I was you I'd probally take the RM I only ride the 450 because of our yearly trip to ride in the dunes, need the power there

I know I am going to be shot for this but I have this weird feeling you should buy the Honda 450. The Yamaha might be too much to handle for you. Judging by your past bikes you have 4-stroke experience but none with a bike like the YZ. The DRZ is a smooth bike. Smooth is not in the YZ450's vocab. Try riding one before you buy it. I love my bike but I know alot of guys at your riding level that really wish they wouldnt have bought that bike.

I've ridden my friend's YZ 250 2 stroke and its a lot of fun and I like the power of it (more exciting) but never a 450 four stroke. Don't know if that helps or anything but oh well. Thanks once again guys! :)

The 04 YZ450F has a little smoother power delivery...more so than the 03's I have ridden.

It only goes as fast as you tell it to though! LOL

I'm 6' at 215lbs also a c/b rider. I wouldn't go with anything but the 450. But get an 03'.

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