Is the WR450 really choked off in stock form?

After riding a reliable DR350 for 4 years I'm purchasing a new bike. I've narrowed it to the XR650R and the WR450 and right now I'm heavily leaning to the WR. It sounds like this bike is really choked off in stock form. I understand the airbox has removable plugs, the throttle stop can be replaced and the muffler insert can be removed which I plan on doing immediately. Is the bike jetted for this or do these simple mods require rejet???

I plan on getting the baja designs dual sport kit as well. My main concern is I don't want another pig. In Colorado I can't even get my front end up in 2nd gear on my DR.

Yes, it is choked up a bit. But, it is almost like the Yamaha engineers wanted us to be able to "fix" it easily so most of the changes are pretty much free and/or bolt-on cheap.

As far as the jetting goes... mine needed some jetting work right away.

Don't worry about the wheelie thing. My 04 450 pulls the wheel up hard all the time up here at 4500 feet. Sometimes you want it to and sometimes you don't! :)

You lose a lot of HP at high elevations. My WR450 even rejeted does not pull at 10,000 feet like it does back home.

You may want an XR650R for higher altitude riding if you are power hungry. My WR450 has plenty of power for me but it still does not want to wheelie like it does at lower elevations. Hope that helps. :)

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