Metalic oil

Hey guys I'm new to the forum and just bought my first bike in about twelve years. I bought a used 02 WR426 and hsve maybe put 2 hours of ride time on it and just changed the oil for the first time since I got it. I changed it at night so I hade my flouresent shoplite there for some good light and I noticed a metalic swirl glitering in the lite, upon closer inspection I noticed there to be quite a bit of what looked like aluminum dust. I know this bike has a wet clutch but is this normal???? :)

sure is, you will get the same in the oil filter, so I'd recomend cleaning the filter every oil change, if not every 2nd change.


Thanks for the info, I kinda thought it was normal and being a musle car builder as well I always do a thurough cleaning of everything that can be gotten to without dissasembly of the motor it's self. Once again thanks :D:)

You can add a magnetic drainplug to help check for bigger, more worrisome bits - I would be concerned about anything big enough on the magnet to be able to feel.


"noticed a metalic swirl glitering in the lite"......

Sounds beautiful.

Oh, I also suggest the magnetic drain plug. :)

Why thankyou, somtimes it dosen't hurt to be a bit poetic.

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