TRADE: Mustang GT for YZ/WR 426......

hey all im looking to trade my 1991 5.0 5 speed Red mustang GT convertible for a YZ/WR 426, i was gonna sell it for a 426 but i thought i could make it easy, it had new tires, new belts, A/C, P/W/ P/L,P/S, tilt wheel, red with white top, 82,000 orignal miles, 5 spoke pony rims, very nice car, adult driven.



SO cal

You pay the shipping on both car and bike, and we may have a deal... LOL :):D


[ May 12, 2002: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

I wonder if the car has a salvaged, junk or rebuilt title, based on the posters name, "canamautosalvage". If it is, don't touch that car with a ten foot pole.

lol, yes i am in the auto salvage business, but no its not a salvage nor does it have any problems, it was my car, and it has a clean pink,so it has been always been treated right,

No offense Canam, it's just that my mom got burned about 5 years ago on a junk Volvo. The guy sold it to her and didn't tell her the thing had been completely pieced back together. Needless to say it cost her more in repairs to keep the thing running than if she bought a good clean car that hadn't been totalled out.

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