VP Race gas

Anyone had any luck with VP in a WR400? I'm thinking of running their 103 octane to see if I can notice any improvement in response. They make a bunch of fuels, any advice on what to run? :) I'm assuming unleaded but they make so many leaded fuels, I'm curious. I've been told the setup on the WR should run fine on premium pump. :D

I'd recommend consulting your local VP seller, particularly a guy that sells to the motorcycle roadracing crowd - as they run a variety of the different VP fuels depending on engine and configuration.

Exercise some caution, as some of the oxygenated fuels have serious corrosive properties, etc. and must be drained after you are done running - they don't play nicely with fittings, connectors and such. Find the local VP guru and follow his/her advice. :)

I tried VP in my WR450 and didn't notice a difference. Buddies that race mx use VP Ultimate in their 4 strokes and like it but it is big money.

I think the bikes are designed to run on pump premium so thats what I use.

I use Sunco at 100 Octane and have had great results. Around here they use the oxygenated fuels during the winter. My bike has a tendancy to backfire with that mix. I've also mixed half and half and she runs fine on that. Like the earlier posts, consult the guys at VP. They'll steer you right. :)


Many guys using race gas told me it stinks really bad. You can't store you bike or gas in an attached garage.

It does stink really bad. You can also tell who is running it by the smell of there exhaust. I hear it the motors love the stuff. But it has a very strong odor.

I used the VP Ultimate 4 in both my WR and YZ with great results.

The stuff really stinks and is SUPER toxic. I found a data sheet on the additives in the fuel and was surprised at how nasty it is. The warning on it said "WILL cause insanity and blindness" additionally it is very expensive.

Both of the bikes run fine on pump fuel so I switched back.

On dyno tests with my WR450 Supermoto the VP Ultimate 4 (oxygenated) is good for 3.5hp. Any oxygenated race fuel should give you a boost, especially on the high end-good for supermoto, roadracing, MX, maybe not such a worthwhile investment for woods riding.

Unless you've boosted compression any extra octane over 93 doesn't really help.

And Yes, the oxygenated fuels are nasty. You wouldn't expect something to boost performance AND be eco-friendly would you? Definately drain your tank and float bowl and keep the unused fuel sealed nice and tight.

C-12 works great in my 03....now that she's street-legal I don't run it often, but it's all I run off-road/desert racing in anything! You'll like it...... :)

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