Chest Protector - Tall guys

I'm just about 6'4". I need to buy some new armor and would like some input. I used to have the old Hallman armor from the late 80's. It never fit right and was uncomfortable. I would like to know what chest protector works for tall riders. I am considering the No-Fear, HRP,FOX air frame, and New TLD armor. I have tried serveral on. The only one I have ridden with is the FOX air frame. It seems ok. Particularly, has any taller ride tried the new TLD unit?

Any thoughts?


I have the same problem - I tried the Fox, but it just didn't fit right... I am 6' 6" and it seemed like it was sitting too high - there is no adjustability to get it to drop down a bit...

I was told by the bike shop that Acerbis had one that may be better suited for a tall torso... haven't tried it though... Also, there have been some posts about hockey armour - you may be able to get on down to the local sports store and try some on... unfortunately, hockey is not a big sport in Australia, so I can't just go and try some on, but looking on the web, there seems to be plenty of options. Try the search function and see what turns up...

My current solution? - stay out in front - then no one can roost you... :):D


The fox airframe and the new roost two both have adjustability. There are four sections near the shoulder that two screws hold the shoulder part on, and if you unscrew them by holding the back nut there are two other positions to make the protector longer. I'm 6'4 and I tried the third screw hole and it made the protector too long for me. The second holes front and back on the protector suited me fine. You have to look inside the protector to see the adjustment positions. I've heard to many horror stories from other riders using other chester protectors that said the chest protector actually caused a more serious injury. Greg Albertyn was one of them, and I'll never switch from my airframe by FOX.

I'll have to take another look... the dealer is obviously not a "FOX Fitting Specialist"...



I'm 6'4" and ended up with a HRP because it was available in a X-large. I'm very happy with the fit and the coverage.

I am 6'2", and some here would say ful of crap all the way up :)

But do not I repeat DO NOT get the Acerbis Zoom II


I have it and it is bulky and hard to move your head back to see if the guy is all right ya just passed.

I don t like mine, but its the only one that fits My fat Bellie

6'9" Acerbis Zoomplus only thing that fits right.

(what are you looking back for?)


Make sure I did not make the poor sob crash when I passed....

Gotta be carefull with those lil mini guys :)

Just checking....

6'4" Fox AirFrame.

Like it a lot. Adjustable as stated above. Even got the Yamaha logo edition because it was there.

I got one of those new EVS under-the-shirt rigs with the integrated belt. Size XL, which is actually a little too big on me. But I am just a puny guy, 6' 1", 240lbs.

Almost carmichaelesque compared to you guys :)

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