oil change

Upon advice from some people on this website I went to change the oil yesterday. I followed everything the manual says (wr manual, that is all the dealer had) and I could not for the life of me get that big strainer bolt loose. It is the one that is right on the front of the frame behind the front wheel. Could the bolt be painted shut or am I just not cranking hard enough?

p.s. the bike is 5 days old.

Mine had paint on it as well. I needed a breaker bar and socket to get it off the first time.

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What size socket, the biggest I have is 21 mm and that is still too small.

Do you think I could just wait until the next oil change (about 2 hours of riding) to clean the strainer or should I do it now?

The paper filter filter had quite a bit of metal shavings in it. I am buying a new one tomorrow.

I couldn't bust the strainer loose either. I didn't want to run the risk of screwing something up. I guess I just need a bigger breaker bar. It's not a reverse thread is it?

Oh yah, a parts store has the filter (open on sunday) but they said it is for the 01' yz 426 and they don't know if it will fit on my bike as I have a 02'. I think they are the same part arent they?

Dude, the first oil change is the most important for the strainer, after that some guys aint even checkin the damn thing for up to a year. I want to say its a 23mm, but im not sure, you have to crank on that bad boy, and then just remove the entire tube along with the strainer and clean'er out, gets ya a magnet oil-bolt also, $10 for a moose, $18 for a GYTR.

Yep '01 filter is the same.

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Thanks Uni, I will go by a 22, 23, and a 24 mm deep socket tomorrow. I really want to make this bike last a long time and since I am not getting any help from my dealer I will have to it myself. Along with your guys help of course. :)

I Think these strainers are painted shut from the factory.Had the same problem with my '02 WR426 as well.I ended up using a crescent wrench to get mine off,think it might be a 24mm. If I remember my measurement correctly.I had about 45 mins.ride time on mine when I changed the oil. The strainer was clean,oil filter had numerous metal chips (to be expected) The oil itself was a metallic bronze color.Glad I changed it,could'nt wait,had to have that magnetic drain plug in for my first ride.Death to the berms,ride hard die free!!!!!!!!

24mm open end wrech from sears. That bitch is tight. The thread direction is normal. I've never found anything in my strainer. The first couple of oil changes there will probably be a few particles in the filter, after that generally nothing. Get a magnetic drain plug.

OK, I went and bought the 24mm deep socket at lunch time. I will go try to bust that beeatch after work. Why do they make it that tight do you think? Safety reasons probably so the oil doesnt all leak out if the bolt comes loose.

Where do I get one of those magnetic drain plugs, it sounds like it makes a lot of sense.

Thanks guys, your responses are very much appreciated. :)

ZipTy racing sells magnetic drain plugs.

So does Moose, just get the part for a YZ two stroke, but make sure you use the stock washer/gasket thing.

I've heard the Ty Davis model has a much stronger magnet...

I just got mine off for the first time yesterday. Bought a 24mm deep well socet from Pep Boys for $3.00. Had to give it two good whacks to break it loose but had no problem after that. I am on my 2 oil change just got mine too, paint is a beetch

I had an 00 426 and currently have an 02 and have never found anything in the strainer but I keep checking every couple of months. Better safe than sorry!

Okay, I broke the bolt and the strainer was a little dirty. Nothing serious though, so I cleaned it good with wd40. I put everything back together and rode the bike today. Now I can say I have done my very first 4-stroke dirtbike oil change.

Boy, draining the gear oil out of my rmx250 sure is a lot quicker.. :)

yznvegas: Mine was tight as hell too. Perhaps when the plug is initially installed, the oil tank is dry and then the thing is painted. Dry metal to metal tends to gall over time. Plus, some husky Mexican lady probably puts in with an impact wrench.

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