This looks FUN!

I HAVE to try this one day! If only there were hills and rocks in S. FL:

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I have no idea how some of those guys do that stuff.

That kinda riding is too crazy for me

I have no idea how some of those guys do that stuff.

I watched a AA enduro guy try one the day before a enduro here in Colorado and the guy bobbled around pretty bad. It is a whole other ball game. I would love to have one to play on, it would have to make you a way better rider.

I have watched a few trials

I tell you it is totally mystical how these guys do this type of stuff. I almost defies anything I know as human.

that stuff is intense to watch amazing control over the bike and, being able to bunny hop with it... damn :)

The magicians of motorcycles. :)

Tried it once. It is LOTS of fun!

OK, I want one YZ450, one WR250, one R6, one FJR1300 and a trials bike. No, no, bump up the trials bike to third place. Or, or... Damn, I can barely affort one bike... Oh well, maybe next year... :)


That is cool!!! but we gotta come up with a caption for it.... :)

I have tried out trials riding and it is definitely awesome. You'd be surprised what you can do on those bikes....Grip the frame with your legs and hope the entire bike over a log. :D They have such huge flywheels that you can tractor them up the steepest hills without worries of stalling...ALMOST like an autoclutch. :D It definitely makes you a better rider and if I had the cash, I'd get one in a heartbeat. :)

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