New England Rock Riding

Yesterday i couldnt get a ride to the track (the term is used loosely, its a field with some good jumps and berms). The only thing i could do was go trail riding since Southington Mountain is a mile away from my house. The problem is these trails are nothing but loose baseball sized rock with boulders and rock steps. Then there are the 4-5 foot deep puddles and the sudden rock drop-offs and steep boulder climbs. Then there's the destroyed bridge that all the planks were broken on. There is one 2 by 6 plank left that you have to ride down for 20ft. If you fall of its a 15-20 foot drop onto beachball sized boulders.

This place looks like something TORTURECHAMBERS would ride.(if you dont know what i mean do a search for his pictures).

Anyway, it was great! It was a hell of a lot of fun. It was a little gnarly with the full on moto suspension and the hard hitting powerband but it was a blast.

On one trail there is rocky puddle after rocky puddle. They first were only a few feet deep so they were no problem but then they started to get over the seat. One looked deep and was about 20 feet long. I rolled into it and got about 5 feet accross when it started to get deep and was almost up to my waist. To make things worse i hit a BIG rock. I started to loose it so i pinned it. The front end went straight up and the back wheel cought traction. I did kind of a half back flip and me and the bike landed on our sides in the bushes next to the puddle. My riding buddy gave me a hand gettin the bike back on the trail and I finished the ride without futher incident.

That was the must fun i have had on a trail. I cant wait to do it again. :):D:D

Rock Ridding is fun. People dont know what they are misin. WE dont have many rocks here in michigan. Mostly monster sand woops. But @ drummond island in the U.P. we have quite a few narly rocky trails. going there in 2 weeks. cant wait. Se YA.

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