automatic clutches, which one

I am considering getting an automatic clutch for my 02 426, The 2 that seem good are "Rekluse" and "Revloc". My question is does anyone have these installed on there bike and how does it work and how is clutch wear? :)

02 426 mine :D

02 tt-r 250 wife

02 kx 65 son

I have the Rekluse, I will say this

Do a search in this forum for (rekluse, zstart or revlock) and read all the reports. I can not say enough anyway its all been said in the ride reports of those owning a zstart

Best Dang Mod I have put on my bike to date

Same here. I have the rekluse and love it. Easy to install and set up. I haven't had it long enough to have any wear. Also EFM has on too.

I just finished reserching the rekluse and i am a belever. I was considering the revloc, (only because I know the owner in Denver and he was going to give it to me for 750.00) but it doesnt adjust without taking it apart. The z-start seems to be the choice for me. :D thank you for suggesting the search forum. One question, do you know if they got that rub problem taken care of? I dont want my clutch cover rubbed to death. :)

That you will have to ask Rekluse, the Tech support is Bar None the best.

I have not had the issue on my 2000, I was given 3 gaskets and it works just fine

i talked to them and they have the problem solved. My mind is 100% made up. REKLUSE here I come :)

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