Search Not Providing an Easy Answer

Ok, Tried the search function for Air-Box mod for my 3003 YZ450 but I have had NO FRIGGIN Luck. Went back to 2002! Can ANYONE post a pic or explanation of the Airbox mod to pull out some ponnies?? The TPS mod was noticable and easy to find if there are any doubters! :)

Just do a search on "screen" in "Yamaha" or "Honda" and you'll see a bunch of threads on the air filter cage mod...make sure you specify "all" posts.

Well I dont know about the 3003 mod but for the 2003's you can just buy the Twin Air Flame retardant filter and a YZ 2-stroke cage.

By the way is your 3003 aluminum framed with a 5 speed? There seems to be alot of people on here that would like that.

well, I hope the 3003 is a hovercycle and I can go at warp speed. Or even interdimension travel.

Oh those star wars cycles in the Ewoks forest would be bad ass, so consider that for 3003 :)

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