WhiteBros e-series question

I've caught a lot of posts that reference the White Brothers E-series exhaust and am wondering if there is only one type. On my XR4hunny there was the s-bend version and a pro-meg version, with the pro-meg getting the edge for performance. So is there both types? And if so does one get the nod for performance?


There are both versions for the 650. I am running the pro meg which allegedly has a bit more top end. I think the pro was about $30 or $40 more. Whether or not it was worht it is hard to say without putting both pipes on the bike and comparing. :)

Right on, thanks for the reply. White Brothers site is down and I was having a hard time finding that info elsewhere.

I'm glad I didn't bid on the s-bend that ended on ebay yesterday! I went for the pro-meg on the 4hunski and will on the BRP too I think.


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