Destroyed engine

Here's the humor for the evening...

Just powder-coated my frame and did the Hurricane kit. It looks bitchen.

Had a hell of a time getting all of the aluminum-oxide residue out of the oil resevoir from the blasting process that removed the old paint.

I obviously didn't get it all or a chunk of it was lurking around and broke free. engine has just self-destructed from all that crud in the oil. The cams are toast, the valve lifter caps are scarred, the piston is completely wasted as is the cylinder and the bottom-end sounds like two pieces of plywood sandwiched together with sand rubbing in between. Anybody got an engine laying around??? Jeeez....

I think this may be too costly to salvage...


Man thump, that rough. Sorry to hear that. I'd say I know how you feel, but I can't! I hope it works out for you man!

I know how you feel, I had an '89 XR250 a few years back, I did a very quick engine rebuild (while half pissed) to fix a blown countershaft seal on a friday night so I could take it on a two day ride in the mountains the next day. About two hours into the first day the engine suddenly locked up, and the kickstarter wouldn't budge. Pushed the bike back to camp and parked it for the weekend. The next morning a few more guys turned up and one asked why I wasn't getting ready to ride like everyone else, I told him what was wrong with the bike and he pulled out the kickstarter to see for himself, to my surprise the kickstarter went through it's stroke. I jumped on the bike and gave it a kick and it fired, so I chucked my gear on and took off with the boys. Later that day I tackled a steep climb and flipped the bike. I tried to bump-start it on the way back down, and heard a nasty grinding noise come from the engine, the bike fired but it sounded terrible, so I shut it off and waited for the others to go get the 4wd, as we were 40km from our camp.

When I pulled to motor down I discovered that a rocker adjuster nut had came loose, the nut had fallen down the cam chain hole and lodged in the oil pump gear, that was the cause of the locked engine on the first day, it must have dislodged while pushing the bike back to camp. The rocker screw stayed in the top of the engine until I flipped the bike on day two, it went under a cam lobe destroying the cam, rockers and taking a large chunk out of the head, it then fell down into to counterbalancer drive gear and trashed the balancer and the crank. Must have forgot to tighten the bastard in the rushed rebuild.

Looking back it wasn't all bad because thats what motivated me to buy my WR, otherwise I'd probably still be riding that old piece of crap.

i dont find the humor thump :)

do you have any pictures of it though?

:) Man Salad

Thats tough, I too see no humor "Ego No Humor"

Anyway, with that, What would you have doen differantly to prep and clean.

I ask becouse if someone else does this we may prevent another story like yours.....

What would I have done differently? Hmmm...good question. I THOUGHT I had all of the aluminum oxide out of the oil res....I really did. I flushed the heck out of it.

I can take pics if you guys want to have a good laugh at my screw-up.

I have decided to sell what's left of it and just cut my losses. I priced the parts that will need to be replced and it's steep...too steep. I just don't have the money to rebuild and certainly not enough to buy another my riding days are done for a LONG time.

You may see the rolling chassis on ebay soon. Cheers.

this is the hardest thread Ive ever read.

Thump you cant be livin right, cuz what happend is just evil. :)

Who did your power coating? I was thinkin about doing that, but Im not sure I would go to the same guy, "seeing" what happened to you and all.


This is the hardest thread I have ever written! I went to Embee to get my powder coating, but they TOLD me that it would have the aluminum oxide residue iniside the resevoir.

This is completely MY fault here since I did not get it all out...just don't do a dumb thing like I did or you will be bikeless...

And this was just the thing to cap off a pretty bad month since I am in the middle of a divorce! Talk about NO money!

I'll be changing my nick to "dumbsalad" real quick!

Thump just change it to broke salad! :)

OK Game Change

thumpsalad to ThumpedOut

Off take on Bummed out

Plus Thinking of this all of us should pitch in :D

i mean between all the blowups crashes and tear aparts we shoudl be able to mangle a 99 back to life......... :)

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Sorry to hear of your misfourtune. Were the openings ( 3 ) plugged off before the blasting process?

In any even what is done is done. Many of us here have done or have had things done in like manner.

Take a break, simplify, and regroup. It's only material stuff. I have seen engines for sale posted here before and as time goes on there will be others. If I were you I would just store it for a while and get back to it later when things space out a bit for you.

Take care man.

Man, Ego...i would buy all of you drinks for LIFE if that actually happened. I can't imagine that many people would have all the parts I would need for this huge mess! :)

Hey man worth a shot, But There aint no Santi Claus :)

It would be cool though would it not,

If some one had a old piston and rings and so on..

Hey saves monie and cuts costs

[ May 13, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

look at the topic "time for a top end" i dont know what other people do with their top ends but i throw mine out. maybe you two can work something out :)

I have a slightly used and slightly scored Wiseco 420 piston w/o rings. It's yours free if you want it!( don't ask how it got scored ) E-mail me at if you want it.


The only thing salvageable is the cylinder. I am guessing a new sleeve could be put into it, but everything else with tight tolerances and oil exposure is completely wasted.

I know a piston and rings would be a no-brainer, but it's all the other expensive stuff...

Thumpsalad, I was thinking I hate to say this, but Ive changed my mind. And when Im done, you'll know why. If you parted out what youve got left, you should be pretty damn close to being able to buy a freakin 03. The difference in price to buy an 03 and what you get from parting out your 99 is going to have to be less than buying a new engine outright. Just food for thought

Not that it helps right now. But in the fall I will most likely be parting out my '99. If you sit on your chassis for a while, keep my info. handy.


You actually think I can get that much for all the stuff on my bike if I part it out??

Hmmm...maybe parting it out is an option after all. An 03 sounds awfully nice right about now, but I won't get my hopes up.

I'll think about it tonight and decide what I will do. IF I do end up parting it out, I will give you guys a go at the stuff before I go through Ebay.

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