Destroyed engine

Its worth a shot! Figure out what it would cost to buy/build a new motor and work your numbers backwards. Gotta figure a new 03 is gonna be about 6300 right? How much is a new motor outright? (how scary of a question is that?)


I have been inyour shoes many of times,and I have alot of extra parts, I'm sure we can revive your ride. I have cams, pistons, cylinders, and probably a crank or two. What do you need, I'll hook you up, if I got you can have it.You pay shipping. Let me know. Lawdog

Lets have a nice hand for lawdog! :)

I'm with Shawn, hooray for lawdog! I'm glad to see everyone so willing to help out. Thump, if I had any parts you needed you'd be more than welcome to them, but the only stock parts not on my bike are a messed up fuel screw, a bent set of bars, one grip, and a countershaft sprocket! Anyways, with the help of all the guys on here offering you parts maybe you can make that bitchen looking bike run again! Good luck! guys get cooler and cooler.

Ok, lawdog, YOU THE MAN. Had to say it. If you can hook me up with anything, that would be cool! THANK YOU!! :)

Here what's gone:


Both cams and the guides that hold those down.

Valve lifters (all 5) In fact, I can't get them to lift off of the valves. Most likely binding.

Head (where the cams lay is scored up badly)

Connecting rod and piston pin bearings.

Crankshaft/Crank bearings

The clutch is heavily contaminated as well with aluminum oxide residue.

I have inspected 2 of the 5 valves and they look a bit chewed-up where the shims are. Grind city!

Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

Heck I come over here out of bordem to see whats up and you guys got me in tears.

Look thump I ain't got nothing that you could use but my checkbook. It ain't fat but with a story like that I would make a donation.

That devorce bit put me over the edge.

It's not like you were stupid about it or anything. Just an honest mistake that could happen to anyone.

Don't be afraid to ask the lord for a blessing on this one. Try the Jabez Prayer. You would be surprised what it did for me.

Later dudes. I will be checking back.


I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your post, man!

Although I appreciate your offer, I can't take your money, bud. This was a mistake that I made and I have to face it and deal with it. Giving away used parts is one thing, but to send me money? I wouldn't feel right about it. Why should any of you pay for my mistake? Maybe I'm just babbling. I haven't been "right" since I blew the motor...

You know, ThumperTalk is truly a bunch of great people.

You Go TT Members, THE AMERICAN SPIRIT OF 9-11 lives on!!!!!

If I had spare parts Thump, I would also donate, One piece of advice I can give you in terms of your Big D is dont do it! You both said I do, make it work out, unless its too late. I was once there myself. Turn back and Good Luck!!

AMEN Preach it JDY


PM meyour address so I can send some parts. I see that you have a 99 400 right? I actually have some big bore kits for the 400, so as far as pistons and cylinders, I will send the entire big bore kit. I have a crank for it as well as cams, and I will see what else I have lying around. Send me a location and let the rebuilding begin. Lawdog


THANKS again. I really appreciate it mucho!

Yes it's a 99 YZ400. Do you have a head/valves for this thing? The cams look like they chattered in their seats and have pretty much butchered the head.

One other thing to I need to add more to this mess...

I looked at the bottom end and it looks like the crank is on its way out. Can I assume that the tranny is damaged, too? What about the oil pump and anything else down there? do I get the rest of the crud out of the oil passages in the frame???? I would HATE to have you be so generous and then have me go and blow the darn thing up again!!

Lawdog...I PM'ed you!


After you go through the donated free parts and have figured out what else you need to put this thing back together i.e gaskets, seals & head. e-mail me a parts list. I have some connections where I can possibly save you a ton of money on OEM and aftermarket parts.

I also agree with the others about rethinking the divorce. It's never to late!


Thumpsalad, Sorry to hear about your ordeal. If I were you I would call around and try to find a complete engine somewhere. You would be surprised what people have laying around. Call places like BBR and some other hop-up shops, you might get lucky. Who knows maybe you'll be able to find a 426 engine. Good luck.

DL :)

I hate to bring it up, but all the bottom-end bearings probably need replacing, too. If you got debris in your oil pump, then it could have hogged out the oil pump cavity, sending a whole bunch of debris around the engine, so you'd need at least a new set of cases and an oil pump. I have a feeling the tranny is OK, except for the contaminated clutch, which could probably be cleaned. (Unless a shift fork or two got bent when the engine seized.)

A similar thing happened to me last year, except everything from the cylinder head up was still intact. But I still needed new cases, crankshaft, bearings, oil pump, seal and gaskets to the tune of $1500 for parts only.

I wish I had some parts to donate. I do have two left side engine cases that you could have, and with a little bit of aluminum welding, drilling and tapping, one right side case could be salvaged. (The kickstart stopper threads need fixing.) Let me know if you need it.

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sounds bad bro.i have no parts to give but will donate to the cause(and dont feel weird about it,its no big deal).if we all gave a little it would add up to a lot. :) e-mail me with an address to send to.

thumpsalad, go with a wet sump deal from dubach. I wouldnt want to trust the frame or lines to it ever again assuming you can get enough to get it back together. Food for thought


Thanks for the info. I kinda expected the bottom end to have some damage to it. I am afraid to crack the cases and look. I can hear it grinding itself to pieces...ugh....


Man, you and EZGZ are soooo nice to offer donations to me. If you are that set on doing it, just PM me and we'll talk, but to be honest, I haven't even really convinced myself that I can rebuild the entire motor since it looks like the bottom end is most likely hosed, too!

I am not in the best frame of mind right now with all my life's drama, so my decision making process is a little impaired! Sorry to dump on you guys...

Thats what we are here for

Just dooooonttttt start

Cryyyyying :)

I hate it when people cry

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