Destroyed engine

got to tell you americans a little story.

we've had a lad named mike schweizer with us for 8 years and he's a USAF out of mildenhall which is 10 miles from me.

last friday was his last night at the rugby club as it's the summer now and it was the annual dinner.

we had two england players to speak and entertain us (darren garforth and richard cockerill for those that know the leicester ABC club).

they had an england shirt signed by the entire team to auction at the end.

schweizer wanted it.

the bidding went to 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300. mike bid £310 and the businesman went to £320, i said "you can't afford it, your drunk, and the missus is gonna kill you if you get it now". so he stopped.

"oh **** it! here's £20, go for it". he bid £330, he got it.

massive cheer for mike!!

about 14 lads came over and chucked tenners in. the lads raised £165 of the £330 and mike was stunned!! nothing was said, it just happened.

so you see, we do love y'all really!!


Hey Thump,

These guys are tops! Man, your bike means more to you than you think. Heck that's why most of us check this site on a daily basis. I've always had a bike of some sort since I was a kid, except for the last 7 years, long years. I thought I was over it, until I stumbled across TT 4 months ago. Now there's a '98 YZ in my garage, sure it's not the latest, to me it's like an '02 426 with all the mods. I'm sure you feel the same about your ride. It's all about FUN, and that's the release we have after dealing with the hard things in life. So fix that puppy!

I'll kick in a few ducks.

Lawdog rocks!


To all of you who have PM'ed me for donations...THANK YOU so very much. Even if I can't rebuild this ride, I can put it towards another bike even though it will be in the far future. You guys are the coolest people I have never met!! Simply incredible.

Brotherhood of the THUMP!

What more can be said,

I really feel for you buddy and I want to help if I can. I have no parts, but I do have a couple of bucks and 2 quarts of mobil 1 15 40 to hand out to the first guy that rebuilds a new motor.

No kidding I will help ya out just tell me what you need.

I have a quetion though. Not to rub salt into the wound but why did you have your motor powder coated? I thought the coating was suppose to help eliminate corrosion but your motor was already aluminim. Just courious, Hope everything works out and let me know how I can help you out. :):D


The FRAME was coated, not the motor. There was contamination in the oil resevoir from the blasting process to remove the old paint and it wasted the motor since I failed to get all of it out.


im sorry i skiped that one till now.

im from israel, and i cant help on this one. after i read all the replies i think u should sell the bike as spare parts, im sure lots of people will need things from u and u will make at least the price of a running yz400 1999. one more thing is that we all donate a few bucks for the engine rebuilt....

just give us ur acc. number and everyone will donate as much as he can.... :)


I have a crank that is being rebuilt as we speak, and the piston and all of those parts are ready to ship. I don't have a head, but I will check, and maybe I can come up with one and I have my motor builder checking to see what clutch parts we have. Keep your chin up,and you willbe ridding soon. As far as tranny damage, I would be surprised if it is hurt,I have launched several and never hurt the tranny. Lawdog


i have a piston,rings and clutch[steel and fiber plates]only a few hours on these part i went riding 1 time after rebuild.the next day my buddys talked me into big bore kit.ill be glad to donate them to the cause.

Right when I think you guys are get COOLER! This is great!


I will email you with my address and please let me know how much all the shipping is for those parts. I will gladly pay any shipping. I will split the cases tonight or tomorrow and let you guys know what the damage is there.


PM me and we'll talk about that clutch, etc. THANKS!!!

Thanks a lot everybody!!!

Ok, since we know that the oil resevoir was contaminated with the debris from the powder-coating process how can I get all of that crud out of the frame?? I don't want to rebuild this thing and then blow it up again, especially after all you guys being so generous with parts!

Someone above recommended to wetsump the motor, I think that sounds like a good idea to me given the circumstances. Maybe Dr. D would donate a kit? :D

Wish I had some parts to donate. :) Want a set of bent stock handlebars?


Most if not all of my riding is desert, so I am on the throttle a lot and the speeds are high. I ride about 110 miles each time I go, so I am not sure a wet sump would be a good idea since the oil capacity is smaller. I need maximum reliability.

Do you know anyone who can weld? Maybe you can cut the bottom off of the tank and clean it out really good. This way you can get a brush and/or pressure washer in there. It should be easier to inspect too since you'll be able to see everything inside. Then they can weld the bottom back on for you when you're done. Just a thought..


That's a very good idea for flushing that thing out. I was thinking about it at lunch today. I was wondering if degreaser would be powerful enough and how could I get the pressure washer to hit the tight spots or am I just relying onthe degreaser to break up the stuff?

T-Salad, I would gain access to the inside as much as possible by removing the large screen filter plug ( like a 3/4 thread ) and just pointing the nozzle inside at various angles as well as in various positions ( must chuckle as I am typing this ) You could also hook up the steam cleaner directly via a hose using a hose clamp / fitting to the screen plug mimiking the clamped on oil line. Just be very careful not to to scald yourself with the hot water or to inadvertently build up pressure in the frame. Nice and slow combined with patience will do it!

Take care.

E-mail me your postal adress when you have time please at

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Thank you for the info on the cleaning of the oil res. I will e-mail you tonight.

I figured I would take some pictures of the damaged parts so you all can see what this very fine grain aluminum powder did to the motor. As soon as I get my digital camera back from a friend, I will post some pics.

At least the bike LOOKS good. :)

Is that friend the same guy who powder coated you Bike :)

Hey Salad-Thumper

Isnt this great :D

I dont have anything to to handover Engine wise, but this I will say.

Even though times get tough

Even though your back is to the wall

Even though all hell is breaking loose

There is always one thing to remember

and that evads me right now :D

Hang tight Bra, things get better, one bit of advice, as others have said, not sure what the worst part was that made you and the wife split, But I can say it wasnt a good enough reason, Try to get it back man.....

Ego always has the most colorful things to say. He's the Technicolor babbler :D

I will take what you say to heart. :)

A great post from truly great people. TT Rocks!

After you do your best cleaning of the frame I would see if you could rig up some kind of filter between the resevoir and the engine. You can buy an inline fuel filter. Does someone make an inline oil filter? Just a thought.

Good luck.

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