Destroyed engine

Good idea Sir T. but there may be slag left over from the welding. I would have someone run a steam cleaner with degreaser in it. Embee SHOULD give T. Salad a deal on pressure steam cleaning the thing. The key is high pressure, degreaser and heat combined, then filling with light weight oil, dumping, then rinsing with mineral spirits a couple of times. Maybe some one down your way has access to some type of camera used for inspecting boilers and such so as to take a peek inside ( just to make sure )

Thumpsalad, I have an idea for cleaning your resi. Fill it with McKay's carburator cleaner/ parts dip and then flush it with a pressure washer. It oughta be clean then. That McKays cuts everything, and its water soluble. If ya do that with the big screen in the bottom out, you'll probably be ok again.

Aluminum Oxcide isnt called grinding compound for nothing I guess :)


Thanks for the carb cleaner/parts dip stuff. I think I will go that route since that seems to be the best thing to get that crud out of the resevoir. I may even let it sit in there for a few hours to make sure it breaks up any clods of alum. oxide and oil that are mixed in there. I have to do the same thing to the oil lines, too.

Man, this bike may live again! :)

As for my marital affairs...well, we'll see what happens. I have no ego to speak of so it won't get in the way...that's what EgoAhole is for! :D

For added insurance back flush the other direction also. I would repeat the process a few times for peace of mind. :)

I was just telling my wife about this thread and how cool it was that everyone was pitching in to help thumpsalad. I also mentioned the support that people were giving with regard to the marital issues.

My wife's comment was "I always thought you guys referred to it as dump-her talk. I didn't know you guys actually cared about anything other than your bikes..."


Gotta love 'em.


Let me tell you...I am going to flush that thing more times than a ballpark restroom!

Gotta make sure so I don't do a repeat or Ego may have some more colorful things to say to me :)


I have access to killer in line oil filters. I'll take a look at how much room is available vs the sizes we have. I'll let you know.

As for you and your wife, 10 years ago my wife and I were DONE as far as she was concerned. It was not easy but we got it right. Now we have a awesome little boy and she's working on our daughter right now. Don't let ego get in the way, follow your heart.

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Just a thought, when you do flush it. Put a white, fine cloth on the flushing end to filter what comes out. Maybe the first time you'll see evidence of remaining material. If yes, you continue flushing until you don't see anymore evidence, then flush a few more times. That way you can gauge progress...


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