'01 oil filter removal

I thought that I heard that on the 2001 426's it is'nt necessary to remove the head pipe to remove the oil filter. My bike still has the stock exhaust and I can't get to the top right bolt on the filter cover. Do i have to remove that freakin' head pipe every time I change my filter? Also, how often do I need to change or clean the oil filter?

Another question, (I do'nt have an owners manual if you can't tell)when I fill my bike with oil after a change do i just fill it through the dipstick hole? It just makes me feel uneasy knowing that I did'nt put any oil in the case.

Thanks for any help.

you dont have to remove the pipe every time you change your oil, at least i dont, maybe get a smaller wrench. i could tell you what to do if i was home and knew what it looked like, but im not and i dont remember what the configuration is like. i would change/clean oil filter every other oil change. and yes you just fill it through that lil hole in the top of the frame

01' models you do not have to remove the headpipe. The manual states this. I have not had to remove it. 1/4" ratchet and an 8m is all you need. If you can't get to it then you don't have an 01'. I guess it is possible you might have a 00' headpipe on an 01'. Did you buy it used or new?? Frank

Also yes put the oil in the frame (slowly). Start it and let it idle for 3 minutes or so with you sitting on the bike. Shut it down, let it sit for a minute or two then check the oil, don't thread the dipstick in (if I'm not mistaken) between the marks and you are good. Good Luck!


I bought it used but I'm pretty sure it's an '01 exhaust. I'll have to get a 1/4 inch rachet and try that. I've been using a bigger rachet with an adapter and that may be my prob.

Your headpipe may be bent or twisted. Loosen the clamp on the collector/silencer connection, then loosen the header. It should naturally want to attach in a manner such that you have clear and easy access to the oil filter cover.

When you retighten the exhuast, tighten the header first, then go back from there.

It is also possible that the prior owner of this bike installed a '00 header.

As for the oil thing, unlike a two stroke, this motor has an oil pump that delivers oil to the crank bearings, valvetrain and transmission. This is plumbed externally by that chrome manifold/tubing that connects to the cases just above the filter and goes to the head and cases. The pump is gravity fed from the reservoir by the hose and pipe that exit the res. just below the drain.

Hopefully that brief explanation will give you some piece of mind. :)

One more thing I do when I change my oil is loosen that main oil line that goes to the top of the cylinder while the bike is idling. You should see oil start to seep out. Once you see oil then tighten the line back down. Now you know that oil is getting to the head. In the manual they tell you to do this. Kind of like priming the system if you know what I mean. Frank

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