New (to me) 01

I picked up a 01 WR426 last week w/ 91 miles on it. Its tip-top, no scratches or dents. Already did the airbox & exhaust, I think the throttle stop has already been swapped. Looked into the grey wire, on the 03 it is in a 6wire harness. As far as I can tell on the 01 it is in a 2 wire harness, is this the right one? I pulled it last night and can't tell any difference.

Also I used to have a 00 DRZ400 and there was a laundry list of stuff to do to get it rideable including greasing the head tube and the swingarm pivots. Is there anything else that needs to be done on this baby before I give it some well deserved scratches?

The archives have already given a wealth of information.

Thanks guys

never hurts to grease all the bearings.. grease is cheap compared to bearing and shaft replacement :)

I would recomend doing the BK mod, and maybe YZ timing when u feel the urge for more of a hit


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