Xtreme X is a must see!

I saw it this weekend at a IMAX theater near me. That was my first experiance with IMAX. WOW. You gotta see this film. There are some action scenes that will make you queezy. The shot of one freestyle rider going for a superman seatgrab and missing the seat is sick.

I think my 5 year old son said it best at the start of the film. WOW!

where would i be able to find an IMAX near me??

Goto www.imax.com and they will tell you the theaters around the country. Then you have to see if they are playing it. I checked and the only theater in Oregon isn't going to play it. I wanted to see it real bad. The only movie I was actually waiting for this year.

he lived, broke leg and shoulder i believe. this one time me and my lil brother was watchin FMX on tv and there was a guy doing all those tricks on a 426, they said it was because his bike broke and they bought that bike on the way to the event. he didnt do too much because it was so heavy though, he did alright.

Hey thumper4life. I dont know were Petersburg, MI is but Grand Rapids MI has an IMAX theater on East Beltline. Thats were I went

Is it in 3D at the IMAX theaters?

No its not 3d. But the screen is so friggen big it pretty much engulf's all your vision. It puts you in the action. You practially have to turn your head to take in all the action. Its a heck of a lot diferant from a regular theater.

I saw it this weekend too, epic film! Most of those tricks were sick. The missed seat grab gave me the willies. I wonder if that guy lived, he had on heck of a bounce when he hit the landing (without the bike)!

PS-> It would be cool to see someone try a few of those tricks on a 4-stroke!

That was the first imax film that I had seen and what impressed me the most was the clarity of the picture. The colors and detail were spectacular, it definitely wasn't filmed with a home video camera. :)

its in the south east part of MI, 12 miles north of the ohio border. its just south of dundee, 30 miles south of ann arbor

I saw the movie at the Dublin, CA IMAX. It definitely a sets new standard. No other moto movie (crusty, et al ...) has this kind of production quality or cinematography. But what did you expect? It is from Disney instead of some moto-heads who tried to make a film. Go see it at an IMAX if possible, or at least sit close to the front at a regular theater. It got me so stoked in the first ten minutes that my eyes started getting teary. I'm sure I will go shell out the $8.75 again.

BTW - It's "Ultimate X", not "Extreme X".

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