Basic Cornering

Hey peoples, I am a beginner MX rider (about 1/2 yr.) and I am getting drilled on the corners... I ride mostly tacky dirt with flat corners that have a shallow rut and a 6" loamy berm developed, I just need some Basic techniques to practice that will eventually make me faster thru these types of corners. thanks in advance!!!!

Always scoot forward on your seat and put your inside leg out in front of you. This puts more weight and traction on the front wheel and will also help you kick the rear tire around better. I like to use my engine brake to slow down going into a corner too. I hope that helped and I know some of these pros will have more insight as well. :)

1) Sit on your gas cap first off. It is physically impossible to sit too far forward. The farther up, the better.

2) Stick your inside leg UP and out. Don't just lift it off the ground, try to smash your leg into the bars and hold it there. DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEE .

3) Keep your outside elbow uncomfortably sticking out and up. You should have your elbow higher than your shoulder. (Which will also force your upper body closer to the bike, lowering your center of gravity).

4) Take your outside leg, and try to lift your butt off the seat with just it. (wieghting the outside peg.)

5) If you are riding a berm, remain in-line with the bike. From the wheels to your head should be a straight line.

6) If you are on a non-bermed surface, tilt the bike under you. You remain fairly perpendicular to the ground, but the bike does most of the leaning. This helps prevents slip-outs.

Try not to look at the berm or turn. Look ahead to the exit, because wherever you are looking is exactly where you are going to end up.

I like all the advice Death Wish gave, if I could pick two things to concentrate on it would be:

Sit on the gas cap until you think you are ridiculously far forward, then move up a bit more.

Lift your outside elbow up until you think it is pointing at the sky, then lift it up a little more.

Pretty hard to overdo either of those two things, IMO.

I should add that you should do all of your braking BEFORE the turn. This doesn't always apply but a common mistake is to brake too deep into the turn.

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