clutch ticking

my clutch ticks when the lever is pulled in. I didnt get a chance to open it up yet. but any info would be great. :)

i pulled the clutch out and the bottom fiber plate was broke. about a 1inch piece of it was cracked off,but still in the basket. :)

I had the same problem. Heard ticking and got instant play in the lever, popped the basket out and found a broken plate. I replaced all fiber plates and broke another one within a week. I guessed that they were hanging a bit on the notches in the basket fingers. I filed the fingers smooth, (knowing that this creates more play between the plates and basket so it can wear notches even quicker) and installed new fiber plates again. That was 2 years ago, no trouble since. I did start using synthetic oil and now I use the clutch even less when I shift.

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