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I'm in Philly. Where do you ride? I ride with a few of those posers too. They are slow and never show up. My parents just moved down to cape may. a developement called mickles run, have you seen it? I ride the woods alot but want to try some tracks out.

Im in Delran, about 10 minutes north of the Betsy Ross Bridge. I usually ride at Chatsworth, the acto track or Wharton. Theres also a private track about 10 minutes north of me in florence (I hear Steve Lamson practices there) that Id like to check out. Im not the fastest guy out there but I always seem to have alot of fun. Let me know if you want to hook up sometime.


hey mike,

just strolled over here from the 250f side of the house... where do you ride at wharton? with a registered/plated/street legal setup or on the sly? i've never been down there so i don't know anything other than the location of the big green blob on the map.

basically i ride at njorvp/chatsworth, at TRAX (jack frost mtn, PA), and a couple of those "other places" here in NJ + PA.


jim aka the wrooster


I Usually ride in Wharton between Atco at Atsion lake. There is a privately owned pit about a 1/2 mile from the atco track that is safe to park/unload. We usually start at the pit and then venture out into wharton (right across the street) No we dont have tags....the single track trails out there are just too tempting!! We always stop and shut off our bikes for horses and hikers though. If the woods get boring we go to acto for some supercross style riding. I have to admit...I can only last about 4 laps on that friggin track. Those rhythm sections wipe me out!

Rat...What is you personal track like? Woods loop, motocross, supercross....tabletops, doubles. Etc.....????

Let me know if any of you want to get together and ride.



I live in Cinnaminson and ride/work at the NJORVP .. Let me know when you'll be out there one weekend .. maybe we can run some motos ...


Are you offering your track up for a little ride time? do you ever have a problem w/ the neighbors? I would love to ride w/ you. My bike has tags, does that mean I can ride in the state forests in NJ?

99400f w/tags

01xr100r wife

00husky boyjr. cr-50 sons

91kx125 buddybike :)


I think we spoke on the phone about the florence track a while back. I'll be in touch the next time I go to chatsworth. My band has been really busy lately so I havent riden since easter, but I think we have off this Sat. I might try to get out there Sat. afternoon. If so I'll let you know.


If you wait until Sunday they are running a Hare Scramble the layout is awesome too .. I won't be there .. but it will be a great ride ..


Any of you guys coming to the east coast TT reunion? June 14-16.


bill, I belong to TCTRI and am going to try and get there for the TT east coast. Will everyone be meeting up at Rausch Creek? :)


Some of the guys will be coming in on Thursday for some evening festivities :) Friday will be the first day of riding at RC.

Hope to see ya there.


01 Sequoia (gold)

white canopy

WYZ400f W/TT fender decals

Id like to get out to the TT reunion, it depends on my band schedule though. Where is it and what is the riding like? Squid or any others...give me a shout if you want to try out chatsworth or Atco. Atco will have have thier lights on and be open till around 11:00 pm on Wed. fri. and sun. within the next two weeks.

Rat, Id like to check out your track anytime!



I've ridden NJORVP twice last year. I like the track but didn't like the trails too much. At the time it hadn't rained at all for about three months and the trails were like beach riding. Could have used a paddle tire. Is the harescramble on NJORVP property only or will it be going off the property as well, and have the trails and sand stiffened up yet from the drought? :)


I made it out to chatsworth last night. The dirt(sand) was awesome - real clumpy from all the rain lately. I pretty much stayed on the mx track though. They just expanded the intermediate track, I didnt ride it but I heard its about twice as big as it was before. Im not sure about the harescramble. If your into woods, we gotta hook up and ride wharton out of atco....some really awesome woods trails and a safe place to park. I think Im going to Chatsworth Sat. if anyone is up for some rippin.


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Hey Flyinguitars...

I think we chatted back and forth on the NJORVP site..Steve from Point Pleasant here..(SledgeHammer's the name on the site)with the 426..I joined for the year along with my son..he's 7 and has the XR50..I was there on Wednesday and tried the newly laid out INT. track..They need to put more jumps in there..almost lost it in the final hairpin left before you get out! Also dig the whoops along the tracks and heading out to the old mine area..I'll be there again this Wednesday..I try to get out there during the week..The weekends are nuts..I'll look for ya....Peace!

Steve 01 YZ426F #428


Check your pm's about riding this wed.



I'll be out at NJORVP tomorrow (Wed. 5/29) around 5:00 till close. Orange and blue 426, Black Ram quadcab. I'll be at the MX track. Say hi if your there and we'll rip!


Guitars ... do you also have a son that rides a CR125 ? I can only think of one Orange/Blue 426 -If so I didn't know that was you ... I ride #23 YZ250F ...



No, my son is only 3 1/2. I'm getting ready to get him either a pw, jr, or xr 50. I swear my 426 was the first orange one! I didnt know there was another one there. I'll be there tomorrow at the mx track. Your #23...ok I'll keep an eye out for you. What kind of vehicle do you have? Id like to talk to you about the florence track again. Oh yea...if your into music and babes, my band is at Top Dog in Cherry Hill tonight....always packed with about 500 hot looking women there on tues nites. Check it out if you can....if not, I'll see you at the track.


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