Quality powder coating

Does anyone know of a good - Quality - company that does powder coating in the San Francisco Bay Area? I need to have my frame done, but I am worried about the quality of the work. Anyone have an ideas?

Ego, some of us have more money than talent(you come to mind), and have to try to psyc out the competition with flash and inuendo. It ususally doesnt work at the end of the day, but hey, your bike looks bitchen! :)


Ok Shawn Lite Dawned on Marbel head

For a minute there I thought you took a stab at me :)

As Ego stated earlier in this thread...BE CAREFUL when you get it powder coated!!!!!

Don't F-up like I did or you'll be walkin'!!

Thanks Ego, I saw it earlier. Scary thought, that's why I would like to find a "quality" shop.

Do you have any suggestions on where and who could do it?


Outside of looks whats the advantage of powder coat. Since these are not show bikes

Wuzzz Up with that :)

[ May 13, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

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