? for the vet guys

It looks like my budget might allow me to add a yz450 to my 02 yz250. I have located both 04 and holdover 03 models. Outside of price, is there any reason one would be significantly preferred over the other? Thanks

The '04 has much better forks, and a few more improvements such as gripper seat and ti. pegs. If the price is close.....go with the '04.

I always thought newer was better...maybe avoid first year glitches...but then again I love my 00 426....you would think though that resale mey be better with the 04.....I just keep adding bikes and not reselling any though.... :)

How much $$$ will you save buying the 03? If your a guy that get's the suspension done anyway, save your money and buy an 03, unless you're not talking about much $$ difference.


The 04 was soften up a little regarding the HIT!!!!!!! It still has the strongest hit available, just not as much of a BEAST as the 03.

I sent you a PM.

I'd go '04. Easier to control the "hit" as you call it, but still an animal, especially with an aftermarket pipe. Awesome forks with GREAT potential for re-valving.

I have had both the '03 & '04 (much to my wife's shigrin).

You want to grab the '04. There is usually a small price difference. The reasons I would use (1) It's a model year newer. When it comes time to sell you haven't lost a model year without the use. (2) You get the gripper seat $ 60, Ti foot pegs $ 100+, upgraded clutch, better forks (although they still need springs & valving, newer carb settings & the old clutch cable routing). Actual day to day differences in the bike are minimul, but to buy those aftermarket pieces would cost alot more.

Vet28 :thumbsup:

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