Possible motor mods!

I am seriously considering keeping my trusty 2000 model another year, since we are trying to have another child...this bike is dialed in suspension wise with Race Tech Gold Valves, and runs like a champ. This is what I am thinking...

1) Eric Gorr 444cc kit, includes a 13.5 to 1 piston, replating, $375.00. I have read good things about this kit, and Eric Gorr has a very good rep in the biz. "mo motah fo mah booday!"

2) Dubach Racing complete exhaust system "lighter and better than stock"

3) I have already done the BK mod, with a stock '01 needle, 168 or 165 main depending on temps, and a 48 pilot.

4) Dubach Racing wet sump kit, of course I would change the oil every ride, big deal, it's only a quart. "3lbs lighter and SO TRICK"

5) new plastics (pretty baby!)

6) 2001 CR250 master cylinder, I already have the braided line, and my brakes are very good, the master cylinder would bring them into super-good spec. "somebody stop me!"

7) I have a source for low priced VP-108 octane race gas...so no big deal with the motor kit. "vroom vroom"

Opinions, flames, and suggestions welcome!

you have a big smile on your face every time you think about those mods dont you? :)

I have a 444 and LOVE IT!!! Be warned though, you need to run the C-14, not the 108. C-14 retails for $6.75 a gallon but it runs soooooo well on it, I gladly pay it! My WR will embarass CR 450s all day long in a drag race. Embarrass because I have about 40lbs more bike weight (not to mention my lard ass).

Go get a bucket of titanium and put that big blue fat girl on a diet (your bike, not your wife, no offence)


I would not do so much, maybe a light bore kit


or from BBR

Nothing exotic, Just give the bike life for another two years, and wait one for the 04. I am already placing moonies aside for 04.............

The 00426 if needed I would just maybe over bore 1 maybe two and freashen up

I went with the 13.5 compression and stayed with the stock bore. I did notice a difference, but I'm not sure it was worth the effort. There is an option to go with the 444cc bore and stay with the 12.5 compression, that might be some good middle ground. Mine still runs fine on 93 pump gas, but it does do better on race gas. No pinging even with the higher compression. One thing I did notice was the jetting was trickier to get dialed in than before, the bog was much more noticable after the rebuild. I also added a WB pipe so I'm not completely sure where my performance gains cam from. There was definately a gain though, especially in the mid range. Good luck...

The 444cc kit (A.k.a. a 450) is a simple 2mm overbore for a stock 426 cylinder. Nice and simple. Cheap and easy. Huge gains in power from idle on up. I have 100% stock jetting on my WR except for a YZ needle. Reliable horsepower. I have two years on the same top end. No hiccups, no hesitation and monster power. Ask anyone who has ridden with me.

Hmmm....if I spend this much cash on mods, I would definitely go the whole 444cc kit, high compression and all...I can get C14 at a decent price, more about $5.50 a gallon...and the pipe is a given, no 444cc kit I run will use a stock exhaust :-)

Hmmmmm...decisions decisions...I prob will keep this bike, what a sleeper! To take my old fat butt on a 3yr old machine and smoke the new models :):D

After all, 95% rider, 5% bike right? Hehehe...

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