Race Tech Gold Valves

Have any of you TT'ers used the Gold Valves on your Yamaha's for off-road riding? I have the shock one, and am thinking of getting the forks also. I was just wondering about your inputs. Thanks, Maniac

I've installed countless sets and have yet to be disappointed. You'll rid yourself of the sagging mid-valve problems for good and get a much better ride all at teh same time. Be forewarned, though. RT's valving recommendations are quite stiff. I'd be glad to recommend a stack for you.

Go ahead MX Tuner. Work your magic! Here is my stat's. 37 years young, 190 lb Amateur. Looking to race Hare Scrambles on my 2001 YZ426F. Thanks for your input and help. Maniac

MX Tuner,

Do you remove the mid-valve when installing Gold Valves? I'm a 195lb, Vet A-rider and consistently bottom my '01 426 forks--even with 85mm oil hgt. I have to run the comp at 5 out, which makes for a harsh ride on the small stuff, but doesn't quite cure the bottoming.

I'm thinking of Gold Valves but have heard that removing the midvalve is a bad thing.


MX Tuner I see that you are here in GA. Who did you have set up you suspension or should I say who would you recommend?



Hey Juneau, I do all my own work and do work for a lot of other guys. I also live in Woodstock on the east side of 575.

Steve, do you have stock valving in your 426? E-mail me with what you've done so far.

Maniac, e-mail me with some specifics (type of terrain you ride on, what your honest skill level is, etc)

Originally posted by MX Tuner:


Steve, do you have stock valving in your 426? E-mail me with what you've done so far.


Umm. If you were talking to me, no. I had my suspension done by JM Racing here in the Houston area.

Steve T

Mx tuner- I live in Sandy springs and would be interested in you either showing me how to install the gold valves(for a fee of course) or having you do it. How do I get in touch with you to talk more about it?


I am impressed with the Gold Valves, and would buy them again. They are fairly easy to install and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

When I get a YZ450 in 5-6 months I am going to send my suspension to John Curea at MX Tech. I have heard nothing but good things about his work, and would like to compare results. Whatever you choose Im sure it will be better than the harsh stock ride. Later,


That link that SKTHOM2320 listed is a good chat on the issue of Gold Valves and the like.

Obviously, when you speak of Race Tech, you're talking about more than just a stack or valve change.

BTW - my .47/5.6 spring recommendation is too stiff for most tight tracks (and I would assume woods). It's a great pair for high speed and big jumps, but the bike has a hard time diving and turning when the turns get tight.

MANIAC998 - Sounds like your in good hands. I'm sure you'll new ride will be well worth the effort.


Bambislayer, you can e-mail me. I return all my e-mails at night when I get home.

I sent MXTuner my forks for a complete revalve and they are AWSOME :) I could not be happier with the work.


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