Question for Thumpsalad

Did Embee give you some advice on how to clean out your resi? Or did they just send you on your merry shiny way?

Hey Shawn...

Embee pretty much sent me on my way. They DID say there was to be some residue in the resevoir and I did get A LOT of it out...not enough as you all now know.

BE CAREFUL if you get the powder coat!

Why was there blasting media in there to begin with? They should have blocked it off! Am I missing something?

would flushing it out with gasoline or kerosene work?

Id almost be afraid to put oil back in there ever if it got sand in it at all. Im kinda picky about dirt in the motor, I like to get every thing hospital clean before I even start to assemble, and not being able to see in there would make me loose sleep at night. Me thinks if I go powder coating the chassis, it will also time to wet sump the motor.

seeing these posts

Thumped got burned big time. Seams to me this place did not take into concideration the oil resiviour at all. If they were pro's they would have noted this and pluged appropriatly....

As for the rest that are concidering, Go to the nearest hardwar shop and find some MM-bolts to plug all the holes or better yet allen heads to fit the oil and the drain....

Wll thats my $4.26 and I will go sit down now

yeah...hindsight is 20/20, huh Ego?

Well, happened and all I can say is be careful guys and don't let it happen to you!!! I would HATE to hear of it happening to one of you. I would not wish this on anyone.

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