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Grindy/buzz noise coming from crank case I think

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Hello all

So my 99 Dr350se got a new noise the other day and hoping someone else may have had a similar issue  

at around 4900-5200 rpm there is a buzzing like grindiing sound coming from the left side of the bike. I think we have narrowed it down to the crankcase. 

It happens regardless of speed or gear that I am in. It also seems to happen more often as it decellerates but it does happen on the way up sometimes too. 

Oil is good and nothing is obviously loose that i have found yet. Chain has also recently been lubed. 


Any help is appreciated 


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      1996 Suzuki DR350se. Ran great until I parked it. I haven't driven it in 2 years. pulled it out and rode to store a couple months ago. when almost home, at a stop sign, it coughed and died. didn't want to start but did for a minute and spit out a huge cloud of black smoke. then wouldn't run again. 
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      stock CV carb. Pilot jet is clear. diaphragm looks ok. tried manually lifting main needle while cracking throttle and no help.
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      Is there a way to check ignition timing with a timing light?
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