Ego, what was the deal with gyro feeling

I'll be dog goned, I had the exact same deal last friday afternoon. it was the strangest thing, the bike seemed to be fighting me upon entrance to a corner. Did you get that figured out?

Soooo Nooowwww ya want me help eh!

Well Just becouse I am a nice guy I will tell ya

Bearings and Races are shot!

I took the bearings & races out, cleaned them (Ultra Sound clean warm solvant tank).

After I got em clean I looked at them real close and found the races actually were warn to a point of high and low points. It looks like shadows in the bright sun. You will notice a duller look on the high sides.

about 100 bucks to fix..... No Mo gyro...... :)

A HUNDRED BUCKS FOR HEADSTOCK BEARINGS? or did you get the ultra trick titanium bearings that save 1.2 grams? Just kidding. The hundred bucks blows my mind though, I did the headstock bearings on my cr500 cost me 12 bucks for both!

Ego- I will be replacing the bearings on my 01 shortly and am curious how hard it is to remove the lower bearing? I do not have any fancy tools in the way of air chisels or presses but I do have a standard chisel and hammer. Will that work as the manual states?


I can look at the invoice but it was like 26.78 bucks a peice for the bearings and 16 or 20 something for the races


Its not hard, if you a queessie the I suggest bring it down to the nearst bike shop / machin shop they can pop it of in seconds for a few bucks.

As long as its not rusted or camoded up, you can get a couple of good pry bars under it and with even pressure should slide off with no worries....

I actually use some old fashion brake adjusters for a chevy pickup........ They are durable enough and have the right angle to slip right under the botom bearing

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Found the entire Beering kit at rockymountainmc for 45 bucks Top and Bottom

Took the Yami's back

I can not find the part number on line will post it from the catalog later

Thanks Ego, I found that last night in the Rocky Cat. myself too. I got my tires from Rocky and they sent me a catalog. Nice book. That wherehouse must be huge.

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