Virginia Mountains riding

Just moved to Lexington, in the middle of the shenandoah mountains, and looking for places to ride. I would prefer single track national forests although in the end anything will do. I know I am surrounded by national forests does anybody know if any of these areas are legal riding areas?


try this link...It lists three or four sections of trails in George Washington National Forest.

- just rode some of the trails near Harrisonburg this past weekend. They are pretty good but we didn't have enough time to scout out some of the best trails. We ran the Second Mountain trail and Dictum ridge trail talked about at the above link. There are plenty of other trails in that general area but they are harder to find. Read this trail report ( some 4x4er's who ran some of the other trails there near Harrisonburg. The trails in Lee Ranger District (Edinburg Area) listed at the first link aren't worth your time. They are nothing but rocks and it just beats you to death the whole day. Not fun. The other trails are down in your area but I haven't been there yet.

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