Harsh forks

HELP!! My BRP is giving me a rough ride! My front forks are set up as follows.. .47kg springs, 3wt oil @120mm from top and the compression backed off (can't remember exactly how many clicks sitting here at the computer). I weigh about 245lbs fully loaded. Forks are slid up 5 mm in the clamps as well.

Of all places, the forks are giving a harsh ride on gravel forest roads. The small high-frequency jolts are transmitted right up into my hands and arms. Ironically, on the trails, the bike seems to behave pretty good. I'm running the stock bars and am planning on going to an after-market aluminum bar - maybe a CR-high bend. Any Ideas on what could be causing this harshness in the first 10-20% of the travel? Also, when I changed the springs, the instructions mentioned pre-load spacers. I didn't see any. I assume the instructions are generic and disregarded this step- am I correct? :)



Maybe your tire pressure is too high? My guess is you have it as hard as a rock. Tire pressure makes a big difference in how it feels on the fire roads. The hits are too small, too many & too fast for your suspension to soak them up. Your tire however can absorb most of them with the right pressure. I'm not familiar with the BRP but I'd guess your pressure is higher than it needs to be. Just make sure you don't go too low & pinch flat on a big rock hit. JMHO.

Maybe somebody with BRP experience will tell you what to run your pressure at. Good luck! :)

The complaint that you have is a very comon one indeed :). I can help you with your suspension problem. Please feel free to give me a call and I would be glad to help you out 760-868-8097.

Thanks Rob Barnum.

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