05 YFZ450 Charging issues

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*NOTICE* Long story, sorry in advance.

I have an 05 yfz450se. I wheelied over and broke my grab bar. Didn't have anywhere to mount my brake light so i just unplugged it and rode on. 10 minutes later i heard a pop and lost all power. Battery was very hot and swelling. So i bought a new battery (amazon special) to troubleshoot, it arrived charged and in good condition. Hooked it up put DMM on battery, fired right up. I noticed that it was charging but slowly climbing at a constant rate, so i shut it off around 14.5v Let it sit and tried again, again it done same thing. So i bought a Ricks electric motorsports updated stator/rec combo and installed properly. Put battery in, started and it read about 12.8v at idle, blipped the throttle couple times and it jumped up to 13.4 and went back to 12.8 at idle. Figured everything was ok. so I pit seat back on and putted down the lot for about 45 seconds and lost all power. Hooked DMM up to battery installed in quad and it read 0.0v, unhooked it and it read 1.9v so i hooked it up again and read .09v. Took it home, next day I brought battery inside and it read 5v. Hooked 2 chargers up to it and neither would charge. Funny thing though is when the battery isn't hooked up to anything it reads 5v, but soon as i hook a charged up to it or put it in the quad it reads .09v. 


Pretty sure battery is junk but am wondering if the charging system fried it. I emailed rick's and got specs for troubleshooting but they just gave me numbers. Not which wires to test for what numbers.... any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,


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