need xr650r clutch basket & clutch cover

I posted this on the parts and accesories. just though I would try here too. Looped out and broke the clutch cover and basket. Hoping someing might have upgraded to a hinson basket and have a stock one laying aroudn, mabey a spare clutch cover laying around?

I do not have a used Basket laying around. The main reason is Hinson is just now relising the 650 basket now. But give me a call and I may be able to help you.760-868-8097

Thanks Rob Barnum

If that doesn't work out for you post back here. I've got a spare cover in the garage. No basket though. The new covers are 40 bucks from Honda, yes the magnesium ones.

TimBRP- will your spare cover fix my 2002 xr650r? If so how much would you split with it for? I would prefer shipping via the post office. UPS rapes me on charges up here in alaska, I live on Kodiak island and they will only deliver via second day air. thanks bro


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