Green meanie


Wonder if we'll see a dual sported version in the near future :)


Man that's a sweeet looking bike! Of course, it would always look better in blue... :)

Did you notice the frame? Looks like Yamaha isn't the only one playing with aluminum these days. Time will tell if these next generation of aluminum frames from Yamaha and Kawizuki will have taken adavntage of Honda's trial and error process with their frames :).


Wonder if we'll see a dual sported version in the near future :)


According to the Team Green guys I spoke with last August, they are working on the 250 offroad version next and the 450 offroad version will be last. Should see a 250 next year, and the 450 a year or two after that... the devlopment cycle was 250MX, 450MX, 250 offroad, and 450 offroad.


From my experience, especially in road bikes, the Green bike always has strong and reliable engines. Hope this is the case here. But once again, the industry demands lighter weight and hense weaker components.


Yamaha has a reliable engine in the 450's! Everyone is playing catch up to the Yamaha 4 stroke engines! :)

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