colorado closure

Please help. Some of the residents up in the area of Bailey have grouped together and are trying to shutdown the forest to all dirt bike, atv and any and all off road vehicles.

There is a scheduled Forest Service meeting for this Tuesday May 14,2002.

As it stands now (Harris Park had a community meeting Saturday- and the odds were 10 to 1 in favor of a closure.) The forest service is under the

impression- there aren't people out here wanting to keep it open. This isn't true- I believe the people who'd be against the closure just don't know this is going on.

The forest service are considering closures not only in Harris park but also in Slaughter house and in areas around Woodland park.

For those of you with email- mailing lists could you please notify your members of this.

To help we need you send an email to the US Forest service: All you need to say in your email is:

Subject: Harris Park and Slaughterhouse Forest

Body: We do not want the forest shutdown and feel there are other

means of controlling the illegal riding and illegal fires.

The more people we can get to send emails to the forest service the

better chance we have to prevent the forest being shutdown. We all

pay taxes and we all have the right to use the forest, so if you can

help it would be much appreciated!!

One more thing, if you can forward this email onto others you know

that like to dirt bike, atv or go off roading please do so.

OOps Didn't see this was already posted and was just trying to help out. Should have known this guy was on the ball.

Just take a sec. to copy and paste.

Don't let them greenies get us a acre at a time! :)

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