Do you know about JM Racing?

This is a plug for JM racing in Spring, TX. (just north of Houston) I discovered them several months ago after several riders suggested that I use them to revalve my suspension. I am very happy with the work they did. JM racing is well known among racers in the area, but I think many riders in the area still don't know about them.

I am writing this because I am really displeased with the local dealers knowledge about the bikes that they sell, and the parts they stock. When a dealer has been selling these bikes every since they came out and does not have pilot jet or a valve shim in stock, any size, how many have they worked on??

JM is much more than a suspension shop. They carry a large line of motorcycle parts, exhausts, tires and accessories. They also do motorwork. I recently found that my steering head bearings were bad. I found this out on a Wednesday and started calling the locals dealers looking for the parts. No one had them or could get them by the weekend without paying a $35 freight fee. I called JM racing last to ask if they knew where I could get them. To my surprise, they had them in stock for about half the price of the dealer. I rode that weekend.

It is nice to know a place that deals only in motocross. No lawnmowers, no golfcarts, no generators, no boats. Just dirt bikes!!

Give them a call (281)353-7729

Yep I know about John Mitchell. I know some people who absolutely love his work and others who hate it. I would rather not say my opinion on TTalk! Later,


He has done good work for me! He just redid my 426. He also did a roadrace bike for us a few years ago. He has his opinions and he is direct about them, so are most people. Anyway nothing but fast efficient service for me.Cya :)

I also have had nothing but good experiences with JM racing. My suspension was redone by them and it is fantastic. It was done right and at a fair price. Can't complain about that! :)

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