Clutch side hot start replacement?

I was looking in one of the latest MX mag's and I saw a nice setup with the hot start being located on the clutch side rather than the throttle side, but I think it was on CR250F. I plan on getting a Magura Hydro clutch soon and will need to get a hot start kit and was wondering if anyone knew of a company that sells them for the left side on a YZF? I just think it would be easier to hold in the hot start and clutch with one hand rather than try to remember to do both in the heat of it all. Thanks.

The problem with the hot start on the right is if you are trying to start your bike while it is in gear. (Stall on the track) Holding in the clutch and the hot start at the same time your kicking looks like it would be a trick?

I like the hot start on the right side... It reminders me not to twist the throttle when kicking. A bad habit I still have from riding a two stroke

My $.02

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