basic 426 maintanence

This is my first post and my first 4 stroke ,so please excuse my ignorance. I have a few questions about routine maintanance.The bike is a 2002 426 that I got without the manual, so I just need some basics till I get it.

1) how often do I change the oil? filter?

2)how should the dipstick read?(between hash marks when cold?)

3)the pipe is a thunder ally but the jetting is stock. I live in so. cal and only ride tracks. Change jetting?

4)anything I need to lookout for, that a life long 2-smoker might not recognize right away?

Thanks for your help!

Welcome, Mr Grip...!

There are guys much better qualified than me to answer a lot of these points, but I'll happily offer you my opinions...

I normally change the oil after every second race meeting (I use Bel Ray EXP semi-synth 10w-40, but I live in the UK where the weather's crap). The oil filter is actually cleanable & re-usable, providing its not damaged, but the form seems to be to examine/clean after every second oil change.

Dipstick should read halfway between upper & lower marks, but do not screw in the dipstick when taking a reading, just 'dip' it in the filler hole and pull it out again.

Can't help with the US jetting info, but generally, the secret to long life is clean oil and clean air filter. Get into that regular habit and you should be fine....

DEFINITLY get a manual :)

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